Monday, March 16, 2015

Potato Salad

Growing up in my household potatoes were a main staple in most of our meals. It was a cheap vegetable that is easy to grow. One way we ate potatoes would be to mash them up, add a little salt, butter, and decorate with chives. Chives were only used when company came over. To make them look more fancy. Presentation was always a must in my home growing up no matter what was served.

Potatoes can be served in a variety of ways. The vegetable goes with any meal. One of the ways it was often served in my home is a salad.  My grandmother made her own potato salad, my mother made her own version of potato salad, and I to make my own version of potato salad.

Potato Salad Recipe you need basic ingredients. Potatoes, mayo, salt, pepper, onion, celery, mustard, and whatever else you would like to add to the mix. Sometimes I like to add in chicken or turkey cubes.

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