Monday, August 10, 2015

She Wants A White Delivery Driver - No Blacks.

I think the woman was scared. It doesn't make her racist because she is scared. What people fail to realize is, she is allowed to say who can come in to her home and who can't. No delivery service can force her to allow someone in her home she is scared of. No one should be forced to allow someone in their home they are afraid of if there is other alternatives available. Which there was in this case.

However, I do think that lady should have made that request when she placed and paid for her order. I think it was wrong for her to wait.

I like how a person suggested how it should have been handled. Instead of making a big thing about it hurting peoples feeling or possible offending them. Saying they canceled and sending someone else is what a good manager would have done.

To many people claiming racist without taking everything it to consideration, makes those who claim it look stupid, in my opinion. Everything isn't black and white. As for that lady, you have no clue why she refused a black person in her home. She could have been raped or something bad for her to do that. People need to have more compassion and understanding.

Check out the video / article and decide for yourself : Video

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