Friday, August 21, 2015

ABC Emotions Challenge X

Today's letter for the ABC Emotions Challenge is the letter "X". The letter "X" is the 24th letter in the English language. In Roman numerals, X is the number ten. I remember when I learnt about Roman numbers in school. I don't remember which grade I first heard about them. I do remember thinking it was fun counting with Roman numerals. It was hard for some kids to learn. It seem to come natural to me. For this I was allowed to help teach other kids how to count with Roman numerals.

When I was growing up, when I would write letters. Or send cards. I was taught to add XOXO at the end of each one. As XOXO meant hugs and kisses. X represented to mouths kissing. The letter O represents circling around one another to complete a hug. To bad not as many people write letters now a days. I always loved writing letters and receiving them. I use to have pen pals from all over the world.


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