Sunday, June 7, 2015

What is an ideal roommate?

Through out the years I have had different roommates in my home. Either because they needed a place to stay or I needed help to pay the rent. I have also been roommates to other people.

The ideal roommate is different for everyone. It depends on someone living situation and what they want out of a roommate. I had a roommate who paid me $100 each month. Which helped pay my water bill. I know now I should have charged her more.

Another set of roommates cleaned my house and brought their own food in the house. As I worked many hours. They did not. It was great to come home to clean house. Not have to worry if my home would be trashed when I walked in or not. Nor did I have to worry about strangers running in and out of my home.

I have had some really bad roommates. One lady refused to pick up after herself. She would use my food to cook for her man at the time. Refused to do the dishes afterwards. She broke any rule that was in place.

My ideal roommates include :

1. Paying rent.
2. Clean up after themselves and kids.
3. Buy own food, toiletries and hygiene products.
4. Do not lie or steal from my family, friend or me.
5. Pick up after and take care of their pets. Do not leave dogs in cage all day.

I could even go as far as :
1. Taking turns on cleaning house on different days
2. Taking turns doing dishes
3. Taking turns making meals
4. Taking turns watching each other kids

I would not have a preference if someone was male or female. Nor if they had kids or not. However, their pets would have to get along with mine.

Challenge : What is your ideal roommate?

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