Saturday, June 6, 2015

Shopping for the dogs

I have been looking for something to store my dogs food in for awhile. As I only have a small container. I buy a 50 lb bag of food once a week. The container I have is not big enough to hold it all. Part of it stays in the bag. Another bulky item in the way. Luckily at Marshall's while shopping for new shorts for my teenage son. I noticed some aluminum containers in the pet area. I bought the biggest one. It had some small dents in it. Nothing noticeable from the front. However, I was able to get a discount for the small dents and paid less than $20.00.  I love it. No more bag sitting in the way in the kitchen. Moose is checking it out. he knows where the food is being stored now.

While I was out shopping. I stopped in TSC to pick up the dogfood. While I was there, I was able to check out the food and water bowls in the dog area. I was able to pick a huge metal one up for the English Mastiff. I placed it on the chair to take a picture of it. To show it size. It is almost as big as the kitchen chair. It is so big I could sit in it and still have room. English Mastiffs are a huge dog. They need big bowls to hold all their food and water. Otherwise you will be constantly filling them up.

One of the things I look for when out shopping for the dogs, is looking for different treats. As all my dogs like to chew on theirs. I noticed an assortment of different flavors of rawhide basted sticks.

Something all three of my dogs loves. They will do little tricks to receive their treats. Such as sit, down (lay down position), roll over, and fetch.

My family and friends say I like to spoil my dogs because I will buy them extra things. Such as different kinds of treats. Neat items to store their stuff. Many different toys. Clothes for the little dogs. Soft beds for each dog to have of their own. I don't think I spoil them. I think of the dogs as part of my family and treat them as such.

Do you have animals you consider part of the family?

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