Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Buster Found A New Home

My heart is heavy even though it is in the right place. As Buster has a new home. I struggled with deciding if he should go or stay. After weighing all the options. I knew Buster needed another more permanent home. My family done all it could ofr Buster. it was time for him to move to his forever home.

Originally I took Buster home because he was skin and bones. The photos to the right were not as bad as he looked when I first brought him home. He has made a long recovery. From that little skinny pup of bones to a huge dog who still wants to sit on your lap.
Rescues are awesome when they can get to the point of going to a forever home.

When the house I wanted fell through because of errors of the bank. Not knowing when I can find a bigger place to move. I knew I had to make a hard decision. I love Buster. However living in a tiny home wasn't the ideal place for him anymore. he grew out of my home. I had a fenced in back yard. however almost half of it is concrete. not much running room for a big boy like him. he needed more. My teen son would give him a daily walk when he got home from school. However that wasn't enough. With my walking issues, I was out of the question to do so.  Buster was to big. if he decided to dart at a cat, I would be on the ground. I was not strong enough to hold him back anymore.

When it was decided Buster needed a forever home. I looked long and hard to find the right home for Buster. As he was starting to have issues with my Chug, Moose, who is smaller but older than him. I had to feed the dogs separate. That turned in to no treats unless I feed the treats in the cage. the fun of having multiple dogs was wearing out. Knowing he had an issue with Moose. I had to do what was best for both dogs. I tried doing many different things to prevent this. It all came down to, did I want to see Moose dead one day I could not intervene fast enough.

It wasn't fair for Moose to be in his cage to eat, to get treats, when we slept, when the family left. I couldn't play ball anymore without Buster being a bully and refusing to allow the others to play. Having no cage big enough for Buster, it wasn't fair to the other dogs in the house.

I posted Buster for re-home on several different websites. I told family and friends had them ask around. I did charge a re-homing fee for Buster. It wasn't about the money. it was about making sure someone really wanted him and had the means to get him. If they couldn't afford the $200. How would they be able to afford to feed him? Buster would go through a 50 lbs bag of dog food in less than two weeks.

I was able to find a family who lives on several acres of fenced in land. The couple has three smaller children. not babies or toddlers, non teen. The man is a truck driver who is on the road alot. Buster will be the only dog. Where he will receive tons of attention.

I made sure to send his bed, his big metal bowl I recently bought for him and a container to store his food in. Full of the kind of food he eats. I made sure to give his shot records. Buster had his current tags.

Farewell Buster, I know you are in a better home. That is the best I could ever hope for.

Will I ever open my home up again to rescue a dog in need? Probably, however I think it will be along while before I take on anymore rescues. This last one tugs at my heart to much.

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