Wednesday, June 17, 2015

13 Sandwiches To Eat In The Summertime

1. Sandwiches are something my family eat more of in the summer time. As they can be a quick and easy meal to prepare. What I like about sandwiches, you can add everything into one. Not needing to add any sides unless would like. Such as this delicious turkey burger. Served with mushrooms, pickles, and a basil cheese.

2. Sandwiches come in all different shapes, sizes and ingredients. I love me a BLT. however when I am out of Turkey bacon and lettuce. I will still make myself a tomato, mayo and sea salt sandwich. 

3. A family favorite is shredded chicken with Italian dressing. Topped with pickles. Sometimes adding a thin slice of cheese. It also can be topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and sweet onions. I make two versions of this sandwich.

4. A delicious hamburger cooked on the grill. Top with dill pickles and mushrooms.

5. A double turkey patties served with cheese, mayo and topped with tomato on a bun. I will never make that mistake again. As it tasted great. I fail to remember a double turkey sandwich is too much for me. i can not eat a full one.

6. Pizza sauce, cheese, mushrooms, and onions served in a toasted bread. Cooked in the sandwich machine. Quick pizza sandwich. I will write more about the sandwich machine and different sandwiches made with it in another article.

7. Make your own stuffed burger. You can add anything you like inside a burger with this little device. I stuff mine with veggies and a small amount of cheese.

8. Tuna fish served on a bun.

9. Sloppy Joes served with mixed veggies and kale.

10. Toasted pizza sub from Subway with pepperonis, spinach, olives, and onions.

11. Original chicken sandwich from burger King. Served with lettuce and mayo. It used to be served with tomato a long time ago. You can currently get it as the 2 for $5.

12. I added tacos to the sandwich thread because you can pick them up and eat them with your hands like a sandwich. you can any kind of meat and veggies. It will be served in a corn or flour tortilla.

13. Another favorite sandwich of mine is cucumbers served with mayo and a little cheese on bread.

What sandwich is your favorite to eat in the summer time?

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