Sunday, June 28, 2015

Art In the Park, History and Flooding

The "Art In The Park" festival was celebrated this weekend at the Defiance Public Library. Located in Defiance, Ohio. Defiance Public Library has a bunch of history in the area. It has been around since 1904. Defiance Public Library sits in the spot where Fort Defiance was constructed by General Anthony Wayne.

Local artists from all over the area was there to showcase and sell their items. 

The library was selling books for a donation to the library. My family and I picked up "Chicken Soup for the Soul" 101 stories to open the heart and rekindle spirits, Anne Rice - The vampire Lestat, Thomas Berger - Little Big Man, Steve Alten - Meg, Melanie Rawn - The Dragon Token, Michael A. Stackpole - The dark Glory War, Melanie Rawn - The Star Scroll, and Barry McWilliams - This Ain't Hell... But You Can See It From Here.

There were different vendors selling foods. Pies with ala mode for $4.00 a slice. $3.50 without ice cream. I decided to save money and bought popcorn and snow cones for a $1.00 a piece.

We were able to listen to a slew of different music while looking at all the displays.

Two cannons still sit on site where the two rivers (Maumee and Auglaize) meet. One facing towards each river. 

If you get a chance. Click on the above picture in order to make the photo bigger to read the whole plaque. It tells when the first settlers arrive and how long it took before every Native American Indian was driven out of the area.

This is another historical plaque on display at the Defiance Public Library year around. It stands tall. I tried to get one of my kids or my boyfriend to stand by it to show  its true height. It was a no go. I guess I snap to many photos.

It was a lot of fun to see the different vendors and local artists to see what they had to sell. Each of those plaques displayed in the sidewalk shared a piece of history.

Following along the path around the library, you walk across several small plaques that tell a little bit more history. 

This local artist takes old windows and transforms them in to pictures to hang on your wall. 

This artist had many different styles of paintings on display. I was surprised to see a piece done of one of my favorite rock bands "Six A.M."

There were several different jewelers who make their own jewelry. Pieces cost from cheap to expensive. Depending on what materials were used.

This artist makes animals out metal by soldering or welding heavier pieces together.

My daughter normally stops at this vendor. As he sells sand candy in bottles and tubes. The bottles and tubes can be made up like the sand art by choosing different colors. except instead of sand. It is powdered candy.

Checking out across the river where you can see it flooded. You can also see the river water coming up over the embankment on the other side of the rails covering up the sidewalk. 

You can see across the way where one of the local parks, ball fields and only swimming pool is flooded out. That is typically where the fourth of July holds a small carnival and people go to see the fireworks show. I wonder if the waters will recede by in time.

How did you celebrate your weekend?

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