Saturday, June 27, 2015

My home is being flooded out

I am sitting hear reading the flash flooding reports in my area. NW Ohio and NE Indiana has been under a flood and flash flood warning for the past couple of days. I can see the evidence of the rain collecting in areas all around my home. Plus, see the rain still continue to flow. The local dams (Independence Dam and Power dam) are open allowing as much water as they can to flow through.

I look around my home out the doors to see water everywhere. Here are several photos where you can clearly tell I can not get out of my home without walking in water some how.

This photo is taken out my front door. I have placed a couple of these bricks to walk across. As you can see the sidewalk below is sinking into the ground. If we get anymore rain in my area. Those bricks will be under water as well. My landlord already is aware of the flooding issue and doesn't care. I have lived here for three years now. He says it is too expensive to fix.

Any suggestions of a DIY fix that doesn't cost too much? i thought of possibly adding more of those cements blocks with mulch around it to help soak up the water. Placing blocks on each end to hold the mulch in from washing away.

This is looking out my backdoor. It is starting to flood out as the water increases towards my door.

To the right of my step out my back door that leads to the gate is filling fast with rain water.

My back patio is becoming flooded.

Trying to get a closer view of the other side of the gate standing at my back door. The sidewalk is under water. You literally have to walk in the water even in the grass to get out. It is deep enough to cover your shoe. I know I tried and got my foot soaked.

The backyard near the fence always floods out. As it is low lying compared to the cement patio. it is getting is getting worse. The strong winds are blowing things over my yard. 

I am sure the tree has dropped branches in the old ladies back yard again. She wants the tree removed. However the landlord refuses to remove the tree because it drops branches. I am glad about that to. I think the removal of the tree would be bad. As I think the roots of the tree are keeping the dirt from eroding more because of the flooding of the waters in the back yard. It would cause the shed to give way. The patio would eventually crack and fall as well.

With all these rain waters. I am thinking I need to buy me a pair of rainboots or in the near future possible a boat. 

The area I live in use to be nothing but swamp water. Til farmers drained it to grow crops. It seems like the swamp is trying to come back on days like this.

Challenge : Write about flooding in your area. 
Do you have any suggestions to fix this flooding besides moving?

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