Friday, June 19, 2015

ABC Challenge : Paranoid

Today, for the ABC challenge I plan to use different words that start with the letter "P". Thankfully Pixabay has plenty of free use photographs for me to use in my blog posts.

I want to talk about a predicament I am in with family. Certain family members have caused drama and undue stress towards my family. I have pushed them away and refuse to talk to them. My family consists of : My teenage daughter, teenage son, over the age 21 year old son, grandson, my boyfriend of 3 and 1/2 years and myself.

Recently, my mother told me my baby sister said Hello. She wanted to start talking again. However, she didn't want her husband mentioned or my boyfriend. A couple days later I seen my sister at our nieces graduation party. She never said hello, waved or anything. As soon as she and her husband noticed my family walking up. They disappeared. We left two hours later. A couple days later mom said my sister didn't say anything because she didn't want to start anything.

I don't think my sister wants to talk to me. As she has made no attempts. She made sure to avoid me as soon as she seen me.

As my sister has my phone number. She can call me, text me or other ways to get a hold of me. She hasn't.

I am sure you are wanting to know what got me to the point of not talking to my sister. Here is my side of the story :

About a year and half to two years ago. My nephew was placed in the hospital an hour away because his asthma was really bad. I ended up traveling with my mother and baby sister to go to the hospital. We were there for three days before we found word my nephew would be pulling through and able to come home in a few days.

During that time, my sister's husband and a bunch of friends created a group on facebook that has been shut down for harassment. My sister was a member of this group, seen everything what was being said, and never said a word. As she was checking her facebook and stuff while at the hospital, on hospital computers. I could tell by the questions she was asking. That they were bait questions. As she really wasn't coming out and asking a certain thing but stepping around it.

After coming home. I found out about the group. The group was accusing my boyfriend of abusing my daughter, choking her and things that were not true. making him sound like a molester, a monster. The group was bashing my boyfriend hardcore. My estranged husband was in this group and reading everything. At that time my daughter was switching psychiatrist because hers quit. Thus, she was without any medications. The new psychiatrists started her from scratch with medications. Which in turn brought her ODD (oppositional defiance disorder), ADHD, and other mental issues to a new height. Mixed with new hormones, being a teenager and her monthly cycle was not mixing well. She had became abusive to me. If she didn't like what I had to say she would beat me up. She would scream for hours on end. I would lock myself in my bedroom afraid to come out when my boyfriend was at work out of fear of my daughter.

My boyfriend was there to save me many times. One day when she was out of control. She locked me in her bedroom and would not let me out. I had my arm in the door and she pushed it shut. I couldn't get out. She wasn't going to let me. My boyfriend ended up ripping her door off in order to help me out of the bedroom. My shoulder and arm was hurting.

The next morning. I could not lift either arm or move them. I have Rheumatoid arthritis which affects my joints. Trying to get out of my daughter's room cause both shoulders to pop out of joint. Recover from that was almost 6 months. This is one of the many injuries I received till the psychiatrist was able to get my daughter's meds under control. Which was 3 months ago. This last three months were peace compared to what I had been living through.

Back to what I was saying about my sister. I stopped talking to her over the Facebook group because she knew about the group and was allowing people to say things that were not true and she knew it. She knew my estranged husband was in the group and reading everything. As she added him. When it comes to my kids. I will become momma bear and delete people from my life. My estranged husband put the kids and I through the wringer. He is the one who permanently disabled me. I will not take any chances on losing my children because someone wants to harass and spread rumors about my boyfriend, daughter or me. I simply will not put up with it.

This was one of the many things that has happen with my sister. When it happened. I blocked anyone I was connect to in that group. My sister because of me blocking her started posting all kinds of nasty things on facebook about me. I didn't care at this point. I reported the group to facebook and had it shut down. I reported all offenders as well.

All because someone was jealous because my boyfriend started a mechanics shop with a friend. His name and reputation was put out to be ruined. Accused of abusing my daughter. Later, instead of apologizing they tried to be friends by saying it was all a joke. Sorry, I don't joke like that.

My boyfriend business has suffered because of this. He gets business. However, it is only enough to barely make the bills. Nothing extra to bring home and help out. He is really trying to promote his business and bring it to its full potential. It has been hard on family. In more ways than one.

Am I being paranoid for thinking my mother is saying this stuff and it is not coming from my sister? I don't trust either one right now. Would you, if this happened to your family? It seems since my daughter is doing well again. I am being made to be paranoid and the crazy one for not wanting to talk to my sister. Am I?

Photos from Pixabay. Unless otherwise noted. You can click to enlarge the photos to see if they are mine or where they are from.

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