Wednesday, May 20, 2015

She Was Suspended For What?

Yesterday, I received a call from the school. My daughter has once again got herself in to trouble.

For the past couple of weeks my daughter has been talking about how she wants to get suspended from school. I don't even remember the reason why anymore. As it has been an ongoing talk. I know her friends have been suspended. Her boyfriend has. She looks up to the wrong people in school. I can't change that. I tried.

Yesterday, her boyfriend (another issue altogether) gave her a lighter at school. Now why would a 14 yr old girl need a lighter at school. She doesn't smoke. It could only turn out bad.

Thankfully nothing did. My daughter was showing some friends the lighter her boyfriend gave her before school or first period. Not sure which. A teacher saw her pull the lighter out. She owned up to the lighter and who she got it from.

It is against the rules to have a lighter in middle school. We had a talk about it when she got home. As she is suspended for three days because of her actions. We discussed why her boyfriend would give her a lighter.

To me giving someone a lighter who doesn't smoke is setting them up for trouble. The boyfriend has already given her things. Such as a phone, where he asked for nude pictures. That she sent. That was reported to the police. Nothing was done about it.

I am frustrated as a mother on what else to do. She has ADHD and ODD. Her reading level is fourth grade. She gets teased and bullied by her peers. She no longer listens to a thing I have to say. She is suppose to be grounded to her room. Of course that is like talking to the wall. If she doesn't want to be in her room. I physically can't make her and she knows it.

I feel sad for my daughter, as she is doing things the hard way. I see many sad moments in her future. Things I can't prevent, as they will be the consequences of her actions.

All I can do is love my daughter, try and talk some sense in to her, and hope she learns her lesson this time around. I fear the older she gets, the more she will act out.

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