Friday, April 10, 2015

Siblings Challenge

Today's challenge is about siblings.

Today is an unofficial National Siblings Day. I would like to talk about my siblings. I have half sisters, half brothers, real sisters and a step sister. I come from a  broken home. However, it has gave many siblings and learning experiences.

I was born the second child of my mother and father. Before me was my older sister Kay. Who now has seven children of her own. Plus, two grandchildren.

After me, my sister Cyn was born. She has three biological children and several step children. She has several grandchildren.

My parents divorce. My father married another woman where I gained a stepsister. Let's call her Jean. She has two children and two step children she is raising. She is of age between Cyn and I.

My father and stepmother produced my half brother. I will call him John. He is married with two children.

My mother married for a brief time and had my two half sisters, Elaine and Jo. Elaine died two days before she turned 18 from a vehicle accident. Jo has two children and several stepchildren.

My mother divorced and is in a on and off again relationship with my half brothers father. My half brother is the youngest of us siblings. He is 15 years younger than me. Our birthdays are 4 days a part.

I love my siblings. We have our ups and downs. We do go through periods of not speaking to each other. Even thou we all live with in 1/2 hour of driving distances. Like all siblings we fight, we forgive, and we move on.

Challenge : Write about your siblings.


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