Friday, April 10, 2015

A - Z Emotions Challenge : Forgive

Forgive is to stop feeling anger or resentful towards another for something they did or said in the past towards you. Forgiving is to be ready and willing to forgive.

As my readers know I have in the midst of trying to buy a home. At this time I have a few things to work out. All will be taken care of. Except one is in limbo. 

Since I am still legally married to my estranged husband by paper only. We have been separated since 2009. I have to contact him. He has to sign the papers. Otherwise I can't get the house. As I live in Ohio. The law says the spouse has to sign papers in order to be aware of a spouse obtaining property. That way they do not try to hide in case of a divorce.

Kinda sucks knowing my estranged husband has come out and stated to anyone who will listen that he is out to hurt me. Knowing I have to ask him to sign papers in order for me to buy a house. I pass everything else for the loan.

I sent him a text asking him to call me. He did. I explained I need him to sign papers for me to buy a house. Since, we are still legally married. I explained the loan would be in my name. He would have no claim on the loan, nor any liability if I should default on the loan. He could either show up in person or he can give me his address where the bank can sent papers for him to sign and send back.

He did give me his new address after he said he could not afford to come up to Ohio. He lives in Florida. I get that. I understand that and didn't think he would come for something so trivial. The sad part was the text he sent after our phone call. It was meant for someone else. However, it was still bashing me. 

He couldn't believe I would dare ask him to sign some papers. I won't state exactly what he texted. As I wish to forgive his misdeed and let it go. He, and he alone needs to come to terms with his anger issue. If he feels the need to continue to bash me, when I am only following the law in order to try and better my life for my children. Than so be it. At least he is leaving someone else alone.

However, I am forgiving him. I did not respond to his text. Instead I prayed to the good Lord above and placed everything in his hands. I forgave my estranged husband not for him. Forgiving is for my peace or mind. So, I can move on and be happy no matter what the outcome will be.

The funny thing is, if he doesn't sign the papers in his way to hurt me. He won't be hurting me. As I have other plans if the loan doesn't go through. Thing is, he will only be hurting his kids. As the house would go to them if something happened to me. Not him.

Not I am not sure if his children could forgive him. That is between them and their father. I do believe you can only hurt someone so many times before they stop caring. Only time will tell if forgiveness is in the future or not.

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