Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I Pulled A Fast One On You

The other day was beautiful. I was able to get some amazing shots of the pups playing out in the fenced in backyard.

Both took turns running after the toys being thrown. Moose is trying to get Rascal's attention.

Moose the Chug, poses long enough for me to get a quick snapshot of him on the move again. While he waits on rascal the Chihuahua mix.

"Oh my! What's that I smell in that spot?", says Rascal the Chihuahua mix.

"Oh, Moose you win. I am down for the count. 1, 2, 3.", bellows rascal the Chihuahua mix.

"Hey Rascal," hollered Moose the Chug,"Come check out this new spot I found."

Moose yells,"No silly, over here. Rascal, where did you go?"

Rascal peeps up,"Hee hee behind you brother from another mother."

Rascal asks," What did you find? I don't smell anything new."

"No, not over there you silly pup." Moose says in a huff, "Quit goofing off. I am trying to show you something."

"Don't lick the yellow spot. I just pee'd there." Announced Moose.

"Buster, Did you see the trick Moose played on me?" Rascal asked. "I can't get enough water to get that taste out of my mouth."

"Ha, ha, what are little bro's for if not able to play jokes on.", replies Buster.

"Mom," cries Rascal. "Did you see what Moose tricked me in doing? Buster laughed at me too."

"Thank you mommy," said Rascal. "You always know ho to make me feel better. Let's play."

Rascal hollers," Ha, ha, I told mom on you. Your in trouble now, Moose."

"Come back here you little rat." Yells Moose. "Your mad because I pulled a fast one on you" As Rascal runs away laughing.

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