Thursday, March 12, 2015

You Can Get Paid More Than 10 Cents A Survey At PaidViewpoint

On an earlier post I mention a survey website where I earn  passive income. Called PaidViewpoint. You read more about it by clicking the word HERE.

I mentioned that sometimes you can be paid more than 10 cents a survey. Some people were skeptical. They wanted proof. As you can tell in the above photo. In the latest survey I took. I was paid well over 10 cents. Not bad for a few minutes of my time. I really don't know what else it will take to make people believers.

Once again, I will proudly share my referral link, if you wish to join under me. Yes, I do earn something from it. Only if you are active and participate. Otherwise joining does nothing for me. If you don't want to join under me. You are more than welcome to go directly to the site and sign up yourself. You can join under me by clicking the word HERE.

To those who join, thank you. It is very appreciated.

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