Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easter, Hats, and Parades

A parade is a march of people one after the other, usually on a street, many in costume along with school marching bands, floats and balloons.

There are no Easter parades in my area. However, I am looking forward to watching the NYC parade on tv Easter morning. I love seeing all the different floats and people. The balloons and celebrations are a delight to watch. I love seeing the ladies dress up and wear Easter parade hats.

Now if you are going to attend an Easter parade. Be prepare to make or create a cute Easter hat or bonnet for the ladies. You can get ideas on Pinterest, KidsSpot, or NetMums.

You have the option to order many different kinds of Easter hats from Amazon.

Today's word to write about is "parade". I am writing on the 28th day of the month long challenge I have pose for myself and anyone else who would like to join in. You can read more about it here : Things To Write About In March All I ask if you do take the challenge, please leave a link in the comments area, that way I can read it. It can be written on any writing website or blog. I surf more than

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