Sunday, March 29, 2015

Do You Celebrate Spring break?

Today is the last day of spring break for my teenagers. They go back to school tomorrow. Until thursday. As Friday is Good Friday. My teenagers have had Spring break all week long.

My teenage daughter has been getting up early and going in to work with my boyfriend. She really doesn't do anything but stay in the waiting area on a tablet playing her computer games. Every once in awhile she might get curious and my boyfriend will explain what he is doing. She seems interested in learning. I have no issues with that she is a girl wanting to learn about mechanical work.

Good thing both of my teens got ungrounded today. They are both happy. As we have been watching a marathon of "The Walking Dead". That is leading up to the 90 mintue finale of season 5.

We also did a bunch of spring cleaning out of the shed out back. I managed to donate 5 large garbage bags of clothes to Planet Aid bins. I know some people don't like to donate to Planet Aid because they sent the clothes overseas and sell them cheap. In the long run, it is still helping the poor. maybe another country. However, I feel it is better than all those clothes landing in the landfill not being used by anybody.

We was going to grill out, as the weather started out nice. By 4 pm the wind picked up strong. It started to sleet or throw small pieces of hail. As it was pure ice coming down. The chicken was cooked in the oven. It was still good and melted your mouth. I'll share the recipe later on my Food With A Plan blog. I first have to run my oldest boy a plate of yummy food. He was over earlier helping sort the shed out. He deserves a homemade plate of yummy goodness.

With Spring break wrapping up with my family. I was wondering. Do you celebrate Spring break?

Challenge : Write about Spring break

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