Friday, March 27, 2015

A - Z Emotion Challenge : Delightful


Delightful is the word I choose to write about in taking todays challenge. "Delightful" means causing delight, charming, pleasant, lovely, enjoyable, pleasurable. What is not to like about the word delight? 

I delight in making holiday or celebration theme plans. I delight in knowing Easter will be a small gathering of my immediate family. I will create a delightful meal plan with an Easter theme. My children, boyfriend and I will take delight in the yummy food I will prepare. 

I am hoping my oldest son will be able to get his baby for a few hours on Easter. However, he has not talked to the baby's momma yet. Recently they switched to having the boy every other week. This week is his father's turn. Next week during easter will be his mother's turn. 

Not sure if she arranged it. So, she can take delight in having her son all day on Easter visiting her side of the family. Or if they will come to some sort of agreement to allow my son to have his boy on Easter for a few hours to.

Either way, Easter plans will not be spoiled. As I will make another Easter meal especially for my grandbaby. So, we can celebrate it no matter what day it is. I will be delighted in creating a day for my grandson and children to spent together.

Every Friday, I will be doing the next letter in the alphabet based on a emotion. To learn about this challenge. Please click the photo below.                                         

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