Monday, February 2, 2015

What challenges have you took?

I was going through my posts for the month of December. I was looking at the challenges I took and the challenges I put out to other members.

Here are the challenges I have completed and challenged others to do in the month of December :

1. How do you know Jesus
2. If you were a gingerbread person
3. Black and white photo
4. Holiday treats
5. Christmas ornaments
6. Snowdrop Snowberry
7. Christmas Traditions
8. A beautiful sight
9. Those are abrasive
10. Where do you hide them
11. Christmas name challenge
12. You're scared of what
13. Christmas Tree
14. Favorite Christmas song
15. Christmas scents
16. Outside Christmas lights
17. Presents
18. Things to write about in January
19. Christmas Stockings (I wrote about no stockings)
20. Candy canes
21. Tree topper
22. Spelling Christmas
23. Did you know this about me
24. Religion is to me

As you can tell, you turn any subject in to a writing or photo challenge in order to challenge others. Challenges help those who are having writer's block.

So, in wrapping this article up. I am going to challenge each of you to write about all the challenges you took or created this month. I look forward to reading them. Plus, trying out any new challenges you may pose.

Photo found through a search of for the word challenge.

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