Saturday, January 10, 2015

5 Things That Scare Me

Five things that scare me :
1. Heights - I am deathly afraid of heights. I look down and get dizzy.
2. Spiders - I use to never be scared of them. Til I was bit by one. I had an allergic reaction. As that spider was not considered poisonous. I felt pain my my fingertips to my under arm. My arm felt like it was on fire for three days before the antibiotics kicked in.
3. The dark - Don't laugh. I know many people who are still afraid if the dark till this day. I am slowly going blind. I don't wish to live in the dark.
4. To grow old alone - I have this fear because every man I have been with has left me for another woman. Except my current boyfriend of three years. Remember I was with my estranged husband for over 10 years when I found out he was cheating. Ultimately leaving for that woman. It makes me feel like I will never be good enough for someone to want to be with me for the rest of our lives. My boyfriend is slowly changing that feeling.
5. Old people - I don't know why I am afraid of old people. I get speechless and don't know what to say unless they ask me a question or start speaking to me first.
There you have five things I am afraid of. Do you dare to take the challenge and write about what scare you?
Challenge : Write about 5 things that scare you
Photo found through a search on Pixabay. The spider looks alot like the orb spider that bit me while I was living in Florida.

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