Sunday, January 11, 2015

Throw Away Pets

When did our animals become throw away pets? I have been seeing it more and more lately. Even on Craigslist some of the ads just astounds me. When we take in an animal it is our responsibility to take care of it. Til it dies or if we need to re-home for some reason. Not give away because all of a sudden you got a new job. It is not like you didn't know two weeks ago you picked up the new pet you weren't switching jobs. Or you became pregnant, get a pet, than can't stand the smell. What? Really? 

How do you feel about throw away pets? I know someone who is pregnant. She said she was getting a rabbit. i reminder her rabbits were expensive to take care of. That they tend to smell if their cage isn't kept clean. Or if they are confined in two small of a place. I tried to talk her out of it. Since she lives in an apartment complex that doesn't allow pets.

She picked up two rabbits for free. She asked to borrow my small dog cage til she got a another cage for the second rabbit. I said you can borrow the cage. As I plan on placing it online and selling it for $10.00. She said she planned to flip the other rabbit as it was ugly.

As all the previous owner had was a small portal cage to send the rabbits in. As she needed her cages for the other rabbits she has. She was down sizing the amounts she had and wanted to go to a nice home for free.

Three days later the pregnant person said these rabbits got to go tonight or I am letting them loose, I just can't stand the smell. I said oh no. Wait a couple of days and let me see what I can do to re-home them. She agreed.

I placed some ads. The same day I had someone willing to pick up the rabbits after I explained what was going on. I think at first the guy thought they were my rabbits. As he was trying to lecture me. I told him I was just trying to find homes so they don't get let loose. He told me how predators would kill the rabbits. I said I know I have two dogs, one has been trained to chase squirrels and rabbits. There is no way I could take them. He suggested I build a cage for the rabbits. I once again reminded him to call the number I provided to find out more. I felt he was trying to guilt me in to taking them or didn't believe me. 

Luckily, the rabbits did find homes. Someone took both in. But they had to pay $40.00 for both rabbits. It has been over a week and I still haven't received the cage back. When I asked about it. I was told the person wanted to clean it first before they returned it. I said well I am waiting. I want to sell it on line. That was Monday. I still don't have the cage. 

When did animals become throw away pets? 

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