Saturday, January 10, 2015

Those are abrasive

Here are first five things that are abrasive to me that I can think off right off the top of my head :
1. When able people do not pick up after themselves. Whether it be a simple empty soda bottle they leave behind to leaving sandwich wrappers on a table at the restaurant instead of throwing them away.
2. Restaurant employees who do not follow special instructions to leave certain foods off a sandwich, or out of a meal.
3. Someone who keeps repeating what they say, as if repeating what they say will change your mind.
4. Someone who repeatedly talks loud after being asked to lower their voice down who happens to have no hearing problems.
5. Someone who tells you can't do something but goes out and does what they tell you, you can't do.
Challenge : Write about 5 things that annoy you.  
Photo found on a free use photo website.

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