Saturday, January 10, 2015

How do you know Jesus Challenge

I learned about Jesus as a child. As far back as I can remember. I can remember going to church as soon as I could walk.
I can remember going with my mom and sisters on the church bus. Than being scared because I didn't know anyone in my classroom. So the teacher had to put me in with my big sister to quiet me down. I still have the bible I was given as a small child from that church.
I know I took Jesus in my heart many years ago. Jesus is still a very big part of life.
I was wondering how did you find Jesus? Was you born learning and accepting as I was? Or did you find Jesus later in life? Is Jesus still a big part of your life? Please share your story.
Challenge : To those who love and believe in Jesus, write about how you have come to know or find Jesus.
Photo taken and © belongs to rusty2rusty. It is a stake I have in my front flower bed that turns colors at night. It is a solar light my boyfriend bought for me.

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