Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Japanese Mall Food

While on vacation, my friends, my boyfriend and I stopped at the local mall. We visited a store that did not have what my friends were looking for. They were out of stock.
After browsing the stores for awhile, we all decided we were hungry and ready to eat. We headed tot he food court.
My boyfriend and I decided to try the Japanese at the food court. We both ordered the orange chicken and bourbon teriyaki chicken. With a crab rangoon.
My boyfriend had his served with rice. While I received the noodles. We both ordered fried rice with our meal. But the ladies must of misunderstood me when I asked for the same thing as my boyfriend.
I didn't say anything and took the noodles. I wished I spoke up. As the noodles were horrible tasting. The noodles were the worse tasting noodles i have ever tried.
Have you ordered a meal and was disappointment with the taste of something?
Photo taken by and belongs to rusty2rusty. It is a plate of orange chicken.

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