Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mini Beef Tacos

I was able to enjoy with my boyfriend a small cup of mini beef tacos. The tacos are very tiny in size. The shell is a hard corn tortilla. It is filled with ground beef and taco seasoning. It was served with a small portion of hot sauce. I decline to dip my mini beef tacos in the hot sauce. My boyfriend took the hot sauce and happily dipped his mini beef tacos in before consuming them.
If I wanted a quick snack. I would buy these mini beef tacos again. However, I would not buy them for a meal. These are good enough to hold me over until I can get to a place I can actually sit down and eat a meal.
I have seen mini beef tacos sold at my local grocery stores in the frozen section. Such as : Wal-mart, Kroger's and Aldi's. I have never tried them. However, after eating these mini beef tacos. I am thinking about buying a box to see if they compare taste wise.
Do you like mini beef tacos?

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