Saturday, January 10, 2015

In a different post I talked about having a couple of ideas for a business challenge to help those in my local community by giving back some how.
My second business idea I was implement after starting the bus business. That way i would have a way to help pay for the operation of my next idea.
My next idea would be to rent a building or warehouse type to have a "free for all." It would be a building where I would collect anything noone needed or wanted. However, it had to be in working order, no rips or stains, and could be used again. Things of that nature.
I would start out by hosting a "free for all" once a month. Til more items started coming in on a regular bases.
People living in the county making under a certain amount a month would be able to come and take what they wanted of any items that were placed out. As these people would be the ones that really need the items.
Any toys would be put back towards Christmas time. Than I would host a toy giveaway that local people would have to sign up.
i would take little soaps, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Place them in little bags and hand them out to all who go through the place as they were heading out the door.
I would buy a couple old moving trucks. To go pick up big items. This way more people would donate, as someone would come pick the stuff up.
To have people help set up for the free giveaways. i would hire those who needed to work off community service requirements. I would also set up for those who have to work for their foodstamps to get their hours in.
This would help get the word out of the free giveaway. i would also go up to the local job center and let the ladies who run know about the free giveaway. I know they would let me set fliers about it up on the desk to help get the word around. Those two ladies could also let me know of someone who really needed the help in between the giveaways.
This is something i would like to do on a weekly bases. I know the need is great.
i would like to set up where i could accept donations. That way I could do more for the community with the giveaways. Like handing out things other places in town doesn't. Such as toiletries and personal hygiene items.
I thought about having bins outside that would collect clothes and such.
Do you think something this would be a good idea?
Challenge : Write about starting a business
Photo found at a free use website looking for the word free.

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