Saturday, January 10, 2015

Another Business Idea Challenge

I have been thinking of businesses that could be brought in to my area.
While riding back and fourth to the stores. I get to see the store fronts that are empty, for sale, or for rent or lease.
One such building has been vacant for many years. It is a prime location for a business. It is for sale. Only problem is the owner wants way to much money for the property. So, it sets vacant.
I would love to open up this building. As I would like to start a food service slash convenient drive thur.
I would like to serve sandwiches. Something different and easy t make. Such as : Creamy chicken sandwiches, sloppy joes, hot beef and other similar sandwiches.
No burgers or fried chicken. You can get those at any fast food places.
I would have some sides. I am not sure which ones I would choose. Maybe at lunch time a bag of chips and a dill pickle. The sides must be quick and easy as well to prepare and transport.
The place would be a drive through to pick up anything you can find in a convenient store. As well as serving food.
The one service that would be also offered would be a delivery service. Anything can be delivered over a certain amount. Plus, two bucks for delivery.
Many people don't tip in my area like they should. So, the two dollar delivery fee would go to the drivers.
This would help the community by creating more jobs, adding an additional business, and adding more tax revenue in the long run.
What are your thoughts of this business idea? Do you think it would work? Challenge : Write about a future business adventure 
Photo found through a search at Pixabay.

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