Sunday, January 11, 2015

I Shot A Zombie

I wrote this after my teenage son turned 15 in Oct of 2013.. He had the choice to have a birthday party or take a couple of friends to go do something together. My son chose to go paintballing at the paintball plex. The theme was zombies. We ended up getting a birthday package for one heck of a deal. Since, the place wasn't returning calls when we tried to set a date for the birthday boy. It worked out great in our favor.

It started out with a birthday cupcake cake for my sons birthday. Of course with a Halloween theme. It is the picture above. Looks pretty good. I was good and did not have a piece. Since, I have type 2 diabetes. All of climbed in our vehicles to head to the paintball plex. There was eight of us in total. My boyfriend, my daughter, my older son , and his girlfriend, one of the birthday boys friends and a cousin, since another friend couldn't make it, and of course myself.

We arrived at the paintball plex. We got the VIP treatment. meaning we did not have to wait in any of the lines. For the birthday package, we choose the inside and outside. The inside we were given guns that looked like nerf guns. We were given instructions and ushered in on how to use them and how to kill a zombie. An army man was our leader, we followed his lead. My daughter who is only 13 yrs old was very scary. As the zombies started coming out. She started crying. The army leader realized how frighten she was. He called back up. So, instead of an onslaught of zombies. We got maybe a 1/3 of it. I thought that was pretty cool. On the inside it was dark, had smoke that represented gas that would the zombies back to life. You could only shoot them in the head to kill them. Some did come back to life and would pop up behind us. Luckily, everyone in the group was a good shot and we all made it our alive. Minuses zombies.

From there we were taken out side, was able to cool off. Than taken to what looked like a shooting range. The guns were lined up. What was cool about these ones, these ones shot glow in the dark tracers. You can see exactly where you were shooting in the dark. When you seen zombies come at you. You had to shoot them. We had 100 rounds a piece. It was alot of fun. I was on the end by my oldest boy. I think he was surprised his momma was such a good shot. As I could hear him say, "Momma, good shot." When we were both shooting at the same zombie and I made a head shot. I smiled.

By time we were all done and walking out. The army leader was chatting with my daughter. She was exclaiming how much fun she had and was ready to do it again. We all laughed. As we seen how upset and scared she was at the beginning. I am proud of her, heck I am proud of everyone there. We all had a good time. 

The army leader even said we did good. We were the first group to all make it out alive. As many groups did not make it out with all their members. Maybe it was because we knew it was all in fun. Nothing to be scared about. I like to think if the time would ever arise, my kids and our friends will be ready. At least ready to shoot if needed. the paintball plex was a hoot. It is something that gave my family and friends a great experience and a wonderful memory. They made my sons birthday probably the best one he has ever had.

Have you ever been shot paintballs before?


Photo taken by and © belongs to rusty2rusty. Btw, that's me, Sandy.

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