Monday, December 8, 2014

Gingerbread Person Challenge

I am in a silly mood and wish to impose a silly challenge. All in fun of course. Are you up for a challenge?
Gingerbread Challenge :
If you were a Gingerbread Person, what would you look like?
As for me, I would be the color of gingerbread. As my skin color is olive. I would have black licorice for my hair. I would have M&M'S for my eyes. That way I could change the color if I wished. I would have gum drops as buttons. White and pink frosting along the edges.
I would have a chef's hat. As I think those are the cutest Gingerbread people. Possibly wearing green boots for the holidays. Holding a mixing bowl and spoon in my hands. Something like in the photo I use for this post.
The photo was created by me. I go by the copyright name of ©Minipin Pixels or ©Sks when creating pixels. I go by ©rusty2rusty when writing or to © my photographs.
I created the pixel above some years ago. In the early years of 2000's. I added a frame in order to share it here without distorting the photo itself.

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