Sunday, November 2, 2014

Yellow Jackets, Yorkshire Terrier, A Yak, and a Yeti

Yikes! It was getting dark. I sat down for a spell. Only to sit on a yellow jacket nest. I yelped as I started to run. As the yellow jackets were chasing me.
I ran right in to the side of a yak. He turned to look at me, grunted and starting to pound his right front hoof. As he started to put his horns down.
I quickly steered in another direction. I was heading for the pond. All the mean while I was yelping. As I sounded like I was yodeling.
I ran past the house with the yellow lights, as a Yorkshire terrier bit my ankle.
This did not deter me as I ran through the yard. Yellow jackets, a yak,and now a Yorkshire terrier, what next?
I was fool to ask myself that. As soon as I jumped in to the pond. The yellow jackets went away. The yak stopped two steps in the dark cool water, as the Yorkshire terrier barked from the shore.
I dove under the water only to run it to something big. Something hairy. Something cold. I came up only to hear myself screaming. I had ran in to yet another scary creature. This one they call a yeti.
I made it out of the pond and ran down the road. Only to hear laughter. Followed by a loud voice saying," What he isn't staying for the Halloween dress up party?"
-The End.
Trying to make a list of Halloween theme "Y" words to help anybody who is having writers block :
Yellow, yet, yeti, yikes, yield, yak, yellow jacket, Yorkshire terrier, young, yawn, yummy, yam, yew, yard, yardstick, yodel, yell, yelp, yawn,
How many can you come up with and use in a short story, phrase or poem?
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