Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Tainted Vile

The vindictive Voodoo doctor was still upset with the Vampire. He had a plan set in motion to use his voodoo to get the vampire back.
The vindictive Voodoo doctor used a vile of tainted blood in replacement from the vampires stash.
The vampire was thirsty. Draped in his violet cape, he went to his fridge to retrieve a vile of blood. He drinks the vile of blood. Only to viciously vomit.
The blood was tainted! How could that be! As the vampire passes out.
When the vampire awoke. He was tied to a pole surrounded by some very violent creatures. A Vervet monkey was sitting on his head with a torch in his left hand, a Viking with a wooden stick to his left, on the right stood a Vampire Vixen with the most beautiful and alluring green eyes the vampire had ever seen.
The Voodoo doctor standing in front of the vampire was laughing. As he was finally going to get his revenge on the vampire.
The Voodoo doctor announced, "Now I will have my revenge. You silly vampire thinks you can fool with me. The vile was tainted with a virus." As he holds up the tainted vile of blood.
The vampire knew how vile the Voodoo doctor could be. He was a smart vampire as he had prepared for something like this. The vampire turned in to a vampire bat, flew over to the voodoo doctor and sang his vampire teeth it to his largest vein in the neck.
The vampire bat drank him dry. The vampire's thirst was quenched. As he loved the blood of a Voodoo doctor. It is one of his favorite kinds of blood.
Everyone stared and refused to move. As the vampire was transforming. The vile had a fast acting virus. Causing the vampire to start changing in front of their eyes.
The vampire started to grow hair all over his body. The Voodoo doctor made a mistake with which vile he switched on the vampire. As the vile he choose had a virus alright. Not one he suspected. The vile he switched on the vampire had werewolf blood.
Now the vampire was more dangerous then before. All who stood before him. Dropped to their knees and bowed their heads to their new ruler. The new Vampire Werewolf, was more vicious and deadly than a mere vampire or werewolf by themselves.
-The End.
Venturing on the Halloween theme "V" words :
Vulture, venture, vet, vampire, vanish, vain, vein, Vixen, voodoo, Voodoo doctor, violet, vicious, vomit, violent, vindictive, Viking, vile, vampire bat, viper, Vervet monkey, virus
Photo from Pixabay

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