Sunday, November 2, 2014

Zorilla Verses Zorro and Zombies

A zorilla was zipping through the zucchini patch. Hoping to find a small zesty meal.
The zorilla noticed a zombie walking up behind him. He lifting his leg and sprayed him. Hoping it would deter the zombie from coming any closer.
The zombie had not eaten in several days. He was thirsty for blood. A zorilla would make a quick snack to hold off the hungry zombie.
All of a sudden Zorro come out of nowhere riding a zebra. Zorro reaches down, picks up the zorilla, tucks it under his arm and rides away from the zombie.
The zoo was in sight as Zorro came riding up on the zebra.
Passing several zombies that seem to be stuck in the mud. He passes like he did not notice them.
He places the zorilla in a zany zorilla cage, among others of his type. As soon as Zorro placed the zorilla down. The zorilla sprayed Zorro.
Zorro zigzagged away from the zorilla. Only to be ambushed and spayed by all the zorilla's in the cage.
Zorro ran off swearing to stay out of that particular zone. No more saving zorilla's from zombies.They are on their own.
-The End.
How many Halloween theme words starting with the letter "Z" can you think up to add to a short story, phrase or poem? Not sure, well, here are a few for you to use :
Zebra, zoink, zap, zapper, zoo, zombie, Zorro, zip, zilch, zone, zealous, zigzag, zesty, zany, zorilla, zucchini, zebra cakes
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Note: For those that don't know. A zorilla is a cousin to the skunk. It can be found in Africa.

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