Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nov. 8th - Things I Am Thankful For

One of the many things I am thankful are all the changes has done a round the site.
I am thankful Bubblews is still paying. I enjoy seeing payment received in my paypal account.
I am thankful Bubblews has updated and added more rules in the new learning center.
I am thankful Bubblews allows us to flag posts we see break the rules. It is much simpler than trying to email them.
I am thankful Bubblews allows me to write about my daily life like a diary, fluff posts, my food reviews, animals, my family and other things that catch my interest.
I am thankful for Bubblews, as I have made many more new friends and connections.
I am thankful for Bubblews being here, as it has helped me stay connected to old friends from different writing sites that have closed.
What things are you thankful when it comes to Bubblews?
Photo found through Pixabay for a search for thankful.

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