Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Things I am thankful for - Nov. 9th

Today I was given a pleasant surprise. My son, his girlfriend and my grandson stopped over for a visit today.
I am very thankful for my son and his girlfriend for bringing my grandson to come see me.
My grandson is 4 months, I am thankful is very healthy.
I am thankful my grandson is smart for his age. He seems to be making his goals on time or before for his age.
I thankful I can get my grandson to smile, coo, and play with me. He had fun playing peek a boo with grandma.
I am thankful for the help my son gives me. He came over a couple of days ago and dusted all the stuff off I couldn't reach without me asking.
I am thankful for my son because he generally wants to help with his troublesome sister. He doesn't understand why she refuses to listen to anyone. Or ADHD.
I am thankful for my son's girlfriend. As she makes him happy. he really loves her.
What are you thankful today?
Photo found through a search on Pixabay searching for thankful.

+Son's fiance

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