Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nov. 2 - Things I am thankful for

I am continuing the challenge of writing about things I am thankful for. You can join in to for the month of November and write about the things you are thankful if you wish.
Things I am thankful for :
I am thankful that even thou I was shot in the leg, I still have most of the use of my leg/foot.
I am thankful I only have to use a cane on occasion. Mainly during the colder months. As that is when I have the most trouble walking.
I am thankful I can still perform most of my household duties. I may have to take extra breaks and take some longer down time to complete them. As I will push myself til my home is clean.
I am thankful for the hardwood floors in my living room and hallway. It makes it easier to keep clean.
I am thankful I have the means to get the things I need to have a proper clean house. Now if everyone would pitch in, instead of making me feel like an unpaid maid.
I don't expect spotlessness with a lazy teen and the other just had surgery on his knee. Just pick up after themselves a bit more would help a whole lot.
What are some things your are thankful today?
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