Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nov. 1st - Things I am Thankful For

I am taking the time to write about the things I am thankful this month. I have decided to bring back my things I am thankful for post.
Lately my world seems to be more stressed filled than normal. I have wrote several post about some of the things going on with my daughter.
Even as stubborn and bullheaded as she is, I am very thankful that God heard my prayer 14 yrs ago and blessed me with a daughter. I asked for a healthy baby girl. He gave me exactly what I prayed for.
No matter how many times she tells me she hates, I am thankful she will tell she loves me just as much.
I am thankful God has gave me to knowledge to recognize my daughter is hurting because her father does not seem to care for, doesn't seem to want to come get her, or take things up in court. Her rage has nothing to do with my boyfriend or myself.
I am thankful some of my family has finally recognized everything I have been saying about my daughter is true. I am not the mean spiteful mother she had everything believing they had to save her from.
Although things are not the way I wish them to be. I know if I am a little bit more patient with my daughter. One day she will come around and realize all the wrong she has bestowed up on me for no reason. I am thankful to know in the back of my mind, one day that will happen. Even if she never admits it to me.
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