Thursday, October 30, 2014

Winding Down

                               Photo found on Pixabay

On Halloween night the children were put to bed.
All the while wondering about the sounds they hear outside.
Was it the stories of witches and wizards that filled their heads?
Or was it the werewolves and wart filled wolf man?
Could be the sweet treats dancing in their head?
Who knows til morning breaks! Til then the children wiggle in their sleep.
Praying the worms stay out of their candies. In order to have one more bite before they go sour.
No more worries the witching hour is about over. When the winds die down the nightmares ends.
-The End.
Look at the waves of Halloween Words starting with a "W" :
Wave, wand, warlock, wind, waste, watch, Welch, witch, wicked, wicked witch, weird, web, wedding, wretched, witchcraft, wig, wizard, wizardly, wall, wander, warlord, whistle, whisper, wild, witch doctor, wolf, wolf man, wooden stake, worry, wonder, wailing, whip woolly, womb, worm, wrinkle, warn, wriggle, warts, witching hour, woods
How many can you use in a short story, poem or phrase? Or better yet, how many can you come up on your own?

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