Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ulysses Butterfly

The printing on the invitation was an unusual one. One to leave me wonder. What an understatement that will be!
The invitation to the party was unique. It wasn't ugly as I expected.
The invite was to a Halloween party.
It had a Ulysses Butterfly on the cover. Inside featured a unicorn.
Claiming it will be unleashing or unmasking who the unicorn really is.
I simply did not understand what kind of Halloween party unmasked a unicorn.
Unusual as the invitation was, it utterly gave me the chills. Gave me an uneasy feeling. Feeling uneasy is an understatement.
I question myself. Should I go? Or should I stay home?
-The End.
Look at all the "U's" that could be used in a Halloween theme short story, poem or phrase :
Umbrella, unicorn, use, useful, useless, unearthly, unnerving, uneasy, ugly, unleash, unmask, unexplained, understand, understatement, undergarment, undead, unusual, Ulysses Butterfly, unique
It is unnerving to realize I can not come up with more "U' words for my Halloween theme story. Can you think of any to add?
Photo © belongs to Pixabay. It is of a peacock butterfly.

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