Monday, October 27, 2014

Terror Town Trick-or-treat

The theme of the party was very tantalizing - Terror Town.
I had to go check it out.
As I walk in to the party. I noticed tarantulas hanging from the ceiling.
Trolls guarding a treasure chest.
Tangling tree branches through out the halls.
I noticed a torture chamber, heard a terrorizing scream, only to see some teeth rolling on the ground.
Someone in a a toga outfit tapping on a tombstone.
I seen a tiger tremble, as a troll walked past carrying a torch.
I had to see what was in that treasure chest. Why was the trolls guarding it with torches?
Trying to find out what was in the treasure chest would lead me to my tomb.
Should I or shouldn't I? Are they playing a trick or going to give me a treat?
-The End
Halloween theme "T" words I can think of :
Theme, think, treats, trick-or-treat, trick, trickster, tangle, tarantula, tiger, troll, tombstone, tomb, thrill, terrifying, terrible, tremble, toga, torture, terror, terror, town, tank, torch, treasure, trunk, twilight, teeth, tingle, twist, trap, tree, tapping
I challenge you to create a short story, poem , or phrase using as many "S" words with a Halloween theme.
I dare you!
Photo © belongs to Pixabay.

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