Monday, October 27, 2014

The Killer - List of K Words

A killer story create using as many "K" Halloween theme words as I could find.

The killer got a knife from the kitchen. He started to creep slowly through the kingdom. As he came across a bridge. Silently, trying to avoid any detection. As the killer plans on killing the kooky King. What the killer did not realize, as he was met with surprise. A wave of water splashed as the Kraken arose from underneath the bridge. The Kraken grabbed the killer. As the killer was being knee knocked around, he lost the knife. The Kraken was hungry and ate the killer in one gulp. - The End. Can you write a story using 5 or more of the words in the list below?
Words beginning with the letter 'K" with a Halloween theme :
Kill, kooky, kitchen, king, keen, keep, keeper, kingdom, kept, Kraken (sea monster from Pirates of the Caribbean), knock, knee knocking, knight, knowing, knit, know, knife, killer, kitty, kit kat
Boy, this list was hard. I really had to put my thinking cap on. Are there any other words that start with a 'K" that will go with a Halloween theme?
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