Wednesday, October 22, 2014

There Was A Jaguar In Junkyard

Here is my try at writing a story with as many Halloween words that begin with 'J' :

Walking along the junkyard wall. I hear a howl coming from with in the junkyard. It gave me such a fright. I tripped over a jack-o-lantern. I looked around to make sure I was alone.
I begin wondering what that sound was. It wasn't a bark, or the hiss of a cat. What was it? I peeked through the junkyard walls to spy what could be making that sound. Looking around the junkyard. The piles of junk look like a jungle, hard to make out what the shadows are. All of a sudden I jump backwards, when I noticed a eye staring back at me. I hear that howl again. I see a large cat that looked like a jaguar jogging on by. Oh, my a jaguar in the junkyard. How could that be? I had to get in to the junkyard to see for myself. I jingled the lock on the door til I was able to get in. As soon as I opened the door. Janice, Jack, and June jumped out of nowhere laughing as they were falling over. What jokers they are. I am jealous they were able to pull another joke on me. Why I thinking a jaguar could possibly be in a junkyard is beyond me.
The end.
Here are a bunch of 'J' Halloween them words you can use to create a story :
Jaguar, jagged, jack-o-lantern, jump, jack, jackpot, joke, jokers, jester, jumpsuit, jinx, jab, jealous, jungle, jarring, jar, jug, jello, jaundice, jugular, junk, junk pile, junkyard, Jupiter, judge, judgment
How many 'J" Halloween theme words can add in to a story, poem or short phrase? I dare you to try!
Photo from a free use photo sharing website. The short story was created by and © belongs to Sandy KS aka rusty2rusty.

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