Monday, October 27, 2014

A poem of L

A Halloween theme poem I wrote using as many "L" words I could think of. I also added a list of Halloween them "L" words.

A lone lyken was lurking under the low lit lunar moon.
Lizards were leaping on the lagoon wall.
As a lantern is added to the list of supplies.
Lions, leopards, and leprechauns makes for spooky Halloween stories.
A list of Halloween theme words that start with the letter 'L' :
List, loon, loony, lion, lunge, luck, lantern, leprechaun, lunar, labyrinth, low, lagoon, Lucifer, lyger, legend, lust, lizard, lyken, locust, lonely, lone, looming, leak, lewd, light, lightening, lurk, long, lit, leap, leopard, leaf
Photo © belongs to rusty2rusty

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