Monday, October 27, 2014

Spooky Swamp

On a spooky Saturday night. The moon was shining bright. As I took a stroll through the swamp.
What did I see?
The stars shining bright through the approaching storm clouds.
A snake slithering through a skull laying on the sandy shores of the swamp.
Spiders hiding in the trees, stalking their next meal.
What did I smell?
The stench of something sour, strange, and sweet. The scent spoiled any appetite I had left.
Seems like something sinister is in the air. Is it something supernatural or an old superstitions meant to scare?
You be the judge as you walk with me through the swamp.
You turn as you hear a scream coming behind you.
Are you scared senseless, shivering, or stay silent?
-The End
Halloween theme words that start with the letter "S" :
Snake, sandy, stalk, slice, silence, star, starry, starlight, sense, seen, slither, spooky, spoil. supernatural, strange, superhero, sweets, superstition, scar, scare, scream, skull, spider, spell, spirit, swarm ,skeleton, sinister, smell, stew, shrew, scratch, scream, shake, seep, sick, slime, smoke, scent, sour, sticky, storm, swamp, surge, spine, soul, sword, shield
How many words can you think of that begins with the letter "S" with a Halloween theme?
Photo © belongs to Pixabay

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