Friday, March 24, 2017

What Is In Your Medicine Cabinet?

I have decided to create a writing - photo challenge called "What's in my medicine cabinet?" Basically, what you do is take a photo of the inside of your medicine cabinet. You write about the things you keep in your medicine. Describe the item, why do you have it, etc. I would love to see others take this challenge.

Top shelf 

1. Nail polish remover - I use to paint my nails all the time and change the color per outfit. I still paint my nails. Not as elaborate.
2. Fish Oil - Fish oil has many health benefits. I use it to fight heart disease (Which runs in my family), high cholesterol, inflammation for my bad leg, type 2 diabetes and arthritis. To me, the benefits outweigh the side effects and risks.
3. A cough and flu medicine - Some family members are picky and will not use certain flavors. I tend to have more than one.
4. Colon Cleanse - I ordered this off Amazon. As I was having trouble being constipated. Other remedies were no longer working. My doctor wasn't concerned. Kept telling me to do over the counter. This is the only one that works for me. Besides coffee.
5. Roll On Deodorant - I place under my arm and roll in my armpit. As I do not want to stink.
6. Shampoo - A sample of a shampoo I am reviewing.

Middle shelf 

1. Perfume - Different perfumes.
2. Q-tips - I always have a small container of q-tips stored in the medicine cabinet. That way when the big box goes empty. We have q-tips till I can replace it. As I have to clear my ears after each shower. Otherwise, my ears get infected. I can not go without them.
3. Mini-manicure set - It has a set of tweezers, nail clippers, mini scissors and a file to file rough nails.

Bottom shelf 

1. Tea Tree Oil - Add a few drops to shampoo. Prevents lice. as lice hate the smell.
2. Chest Rub - To rub on the chest when someone is sick or having a hard to breathing due to a stuffy nose.
3. Razor - This is my personal razor. I use in the shower. As my daughter will use mine if I don't place it here. It sucks to try to use a razor and it is dull.
4. Tweezers - I keep an extra pair of tweezers in the medicine cabinet. As they always seem to come up missing.
5. Handheld mirror - I use this mirror, well to see things close up I can't see otherwise.

I place small items in my medicine cabinet I do not want my children to get a hold of or use. Only adults are allowed to get in or remove any item found in the medicine cabinet. The contents vary from time to time. depending on what my family uses or in need of.

What's in your medicine cabinet?

Note - Stayed tuned for an upcoming blog post about "Things found in my bathroom". My medicine cabinet may be ugly. It hides behind a beautiful mirror.

Photos ©SandyKS aka rusty2rusty.


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