Wednesday, October 12, 2016

If You Could Create A Monster

If I could create a monster. I would create something that would blend into the earth. It would seem to people, it was not from earth.

 There would be several species of my monster. It would be living in secluded areas. As it would avoid human contact. As it is a gentle monster, unless it is provoked. 

What Does The Monster Look Like?
Each monster would have a humanoid appearance that blends into the environment. Males would have scales to look like the bark of a tree. A tail that would easily detach if grabbed. The tail can grow back. Another would have hair that resembles moss growing on a tree. Females would be hairy and blend into the leaves or resemble a bush. It's feet and hands are adapted to climb and leaping from branch to branch. Hands and feet have claws to aid in climbing trees. The eyes are small and on the side of its head. Males would glow yellow. Females will glow red. As it is nocturnal. 

How Big Is The Monster?
The monster would be three to four feet tall.

What Is Unique About The Monster?
The monster can teleport up to twenty feet in any direction. The monster are born from an egg. 

What Does The Monster Eat?
The monster eats what is available. Small rodents, fruit, nuts, and insects. The claws not only aid in climbing, but also allow the monster to dig for grubs and worms. 

Where Does It Sleep?
The monsters would sleep up in the trees. It would gather tree limbs, leaves, grasses, and mud to make a nest. Others would sleep in hollowed out trees or abandoned holes. It would gather leaves and soft grasses to sleep on.

I have no idea what I would call my monsters. What do you think a good name would be?

If you could create a monster, what would it look like? What would it be called?  Describe and tell me everything there is to know about your monster.

Photo from Pixabay a free use photo website.

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