Monday, October 10, 2016

Do You Decorate For Halloween?

It seems as soon as October and cool weather sets in, Halloween decorations come out. I love Halloween and seeing everything decorated for it. The scarier and more frightening look, the better. I do keep it tame since I have a grandson that is a toddler that visits. 

Thousands of years ago decorating for Halloween was different. People believed the dead spirits would walk among the living. They would decorate turnips by turning them into lanterns by carving frightful faces in them. These led the way for villagers to go to a festival called the Samhain. These lanterns also had people believing they would ward of any wayward vengeful spirits As long as villagers stuck to the path.  

Over the years Halloween has been commercialize to where decorations are bought to decorate with little meaning but mere fun.

People decorate with Pumpkins and other happy and joyful decorations to something dark and terrifying. Those are mainly found in haunted houses and other places to give adults a thrill. As being scared is a thrill for many adults on Halloween. Otherwise why on earth would so many adults enjoy watching scary movies, if it wasn't to be scared?

I have a box of Halloween decorations in my shed. I am hoping to get to them and to be able to decorate for trick or treat night. As I want to set a pallet up out front, where I will be sitting to hand out candy dressed as a witch. I plan to have two moving arms trying to get out of the pallet. When one of the kids ask what it is. I plan on telling them that is where I put the kids that misbehave. I will ask them if them have been misbehaving.

Here are a few decorating ideas you can through Amazon.

Do you decorate for Halloween? Why or why not?

Photo from Pixabay, a free use photo website. 

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