Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dog Treat Pouch Bag Review

I like to re-enforce training with my dogs from time to time. As I want the dogs to listen to the same commands by everyone in the family. I bought the "Dog Treat Pouch Bag" by Fit Pup. That way whomever takes the dogs for a walk can have treats, dog poo bags, and toys all in one place if needed.

The dog treat pouch bag comes with two sets of straps as you can see in the photograph. 

The shoulder strap is attached by two metal hooks. Which are removable. 

The other set of straps are sewn to the bag. You can hook them to your waist with plastic attachments as a fanny pack. I ended cutting them off. As I do not use fanny packs. Fanny packs can be useful for those who wish to keep their shoulder and hands free from carrying the bag.

One of the pros for this bag is the ability to not only carry dog poo bags, but to be able to pull them out one by one. There is a zipper area to the left of the round circle. You place the bags in the zipper area. Til one pokes out of the circle in the photo.

There is also another area with a zipper. You can store smaller items in there to take with you. Such as do wipes. Both areas with zippers, zip and unzip with ease.

The dog treat bag also comes with a small new area to hold items in. The stitching looks like it was done with care.  Whomever stitched this did a very good job.

The treats can be stored in the top of the bag that closes with a draw string. The drawstring has a small plastic piece you must push to move it up and down the string. I have no idea why the maker did not add another zipper at the top of the pouch instead of teh drawstring. I think the drawstring is to much. I did try out the drawstring. It does allow the bag to close completely, not allowing anything to fall out.

This bag is great for those who walk, run or take their dogs with them on the go. As you can re-enforce who is alpha by using treats. As well carry dog poo bags with you. You can store everything in one bag. It is light weight and easily to take on the go.

If I hate to rate this bag from 1 to 5. 5 being the highest rated. I would rate this bag a 5. I recommend anyone who walks runs, or take their dogs with them on the go to buy one of these dog treat pouch bags made by Fit Pup.

Photos taken by and below to Sandy KS aka rusty2rusty.

Disclaimer : This product was given to me for free or a deep discount. In exchange for an honest review.


  1. Great bags are great especially during puppy training!

    1. They are great for any type of training. As neither of my dogs are puppies anymore.

  2. I've had this bag and it's great, even when traveling with our pup. Everything is right in one place when taking pup for a walk.

    1. I love how everything is right there in one place and easy to get too.

  3. Good deal! I did not know these things existed.

  4. I'll have to look into this if we ever get another pooch. (our boys are so old they hardly do anything but sleep these days.)


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