Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wildlife in Your Backyard

I was out doing more work in the yard when my family and I came came across a few of the local wildlife. The past couple of days my boyfriend and I have seemed to noticed more than usual.

My boyfriend seen this big "bullfrog" sitting in a parking spot. He picked it and gave it to a man who was going to put in near the edge of his pond. 

This little fellow was found among the pallets my teenage son had to move in order to mow under. He was moved to a different place in the yard.
It is a "Jefferson Salamander", which spends most of it's life underground.

This little "Grey tree frog" was found while my daughter and I was redoing the small flower bed out in the front yard. She moved one of the centerpieces that use to go to a covered wagon. The grey tree frog was moved to another location.

This "Garden Centipede" was found with the grey tree frog. It scurried away. As soon as we separated the two pieces. Which is a good thing. As they are equipped with venom claws behind their head.

A set of rabbits play out in the front yard every morning. They are "Eastern Cottontails" rabbits. They are commonly found throughout the state I live.

What kind of wildlife do you find in your backyard?

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