Monday, May 16, 2016

Novapolt USB 3.0 External DVD and CD Drive Review

I had the opportunity to try out a product made by Novapolt. It is a External DVD and CD Drive which connects through a USB port.

This external DVD and CD drive can be use as an extension of any computer, laptop, or tablet that has USB port hook ups. The USB cable easily stores away underneath the product to be unseen if necessary.

It is lift weight and easy to store in a purse, carrying bag, or large pocket. Such as in a hoodie jacket pocket. 

It connects and opens with ease. My grandson has figured out how to turn it on by himself. He is almost 2 years old.

This product for anyone who is on the go or needs an external DVD and CD drive.

If you are interested in this product. You can order it here :

I received this product for free, a deep discount or I paid shipping and handling charges. In exchanged for an honest review based on my personal experiences. I give an honest review whether it is good or bad.

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