Wednesday, April 6, 2016

WW : Happy Birthday Babe!

My daughter and I

My boyfriend's birthday was Sunday April 3rd. For the birthdays in the family, we allow each family to choose where they want to go.

The birthday boy!! Happy Birthday Babe!!

My daughter waiting for her food.

Look at all the tv's on the wall at the sports bar! Thats only one wall.

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu
My boyfriend choose to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was the first time we visited this place.

Onion Rings
My boyfriend order onion rings with queso cheese to dip in.

Can you tell my daughter likes her photo taken? Check out her beautiful smile!

Blue Cheese Burger
I choose to order the Blue Cheese Burger. It was the best burger I have ate in a very long time. These guys know how to cook a burger.

Teriyaki boneless wings
My daughter choose to get an order or teriyaki boneless wings. She ate half of the order and took the rest home. Her eyes were bigger than her stomach.

Chicken Philly Cheese
The birthday boy ordered the Chicken Philly Cheese sandwich. He ate almost all of it. It was a very messy sandwich. I would not recommend to eat it if you have a white shirt on.

Caramel Chocolate Cake
I told the waitress it was my boyfriend's birthday. She said they are no longer allowed to sing for the birthday person. However, she was able to give him a free piece of cake. 

My boyfriend was glad the place was no longer allowed to sing to the birthday person.  

Banana Split Ice Cream Cake
My boyfriend requested a banana split ice cream cake for his birthday. That is exactly what he got. 

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